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Bettel Faq's

Q: What is 'Bettel'?

Bettel is a tipping service which was created to provide you with top quality tips and make sure you enjoy high strike-rates and healthy profits. We are group private handicappers that pride ourselves on our unique selection system and our brilliant customer service. Our overall aim is to make our customers profit.

Q. How do I join?

It is very easy to join our service.
You can join immediately via the secure sign-up pages on our website and fill in your details there. We offer a low-cost ‘ProBet Subscription’ service - meaning for a 'one-off' fee all our selections are sent direct to your inbox.

Q. Do I need any betting expertise to join Bettel?

No. Our service is suitable for anyone, from novices to experts. We provide you with the tips and advice - all you have to do is place the bets.

Q: What do I get when I join the Bettel service?

When you join our service you will be sent a welcome email to inform you that have successfully joined - we will then send you our daily advice.

Q: Are your results verified? Can I believe your past results?

All our selections are proofed to the Racing Post and Tipster Platforms - meaning all the stats we give you are 100% correct and 100% reliable.

Q. Am I required to call a premium rate telephone number?

No. There is no premium rate numbers on our service, all tips will be provided by email - no later than 10am that day, but most of the time these will be sent the night before to keep you one step ahead of bookies.

Q. Will there be selections every day?

Not necessarily. We won't give out bets everyday if we don't think they are strong enough. All selections are thoroughly thought over and only when we believe they are 100% strong will they be sent out. On average there are 1-4 bets a day, and generally NO bets on Sunday's - the racing most of the time is poor on that day, take a day off!

Q: How many bets will there be?

The number of selections a day will vary, most commonly 1 or 2 a day, but some days it can be 5 or 6 a day.

Q. How much should I bet?

The amount that you bet depends on the amount you are willing to risk on each bet. We'll offer you a simple 3pts, 4pts or 5pts advice next to each selection, but the amount a single point is worth varies from customer to customer. However, please remember only bet an amount you feel comfortable with - you can always start small and increase your stakes over time!

Q: Should I put money aside for my betting. If so, how much?

We recommend that you create a betting bank containing an amount of money that you can afford to allocate to your betting activities.
This ensures that your stakes remain in proportion to your funds and allows you to quickly assess the success of your betting.

Q: How do I receive the information each day?

Once a member you will get ALL that days selections - these will be sent by 10am each day direct to your inbox, but most days the night before so you can plan your day and be first to react on any early morning gambles.

Q. How much money will I make?

The amount you can make will vary each month - See our full past results breakdown here. It also depends on the amount you stake, the strike rate of our service at that time. We show our results at a level stake for both the win and place markets, but also advise a 3pts, 4pts & 5pts staking plan to increase profits.

Q: How do I place a bet?

Placing a bet is very simple and you have three main ways of doing so.
The easiest way is to open an internet account with a bookmaker and place your bets online. You can also open telephone accounts with bookmakers and call them with your bet. Alternatively, you can place your bets in person over the counter at any high street bookmaker shop. However, because our results are shown using Betfair SP we fully recommend you opening a Betfair account and placing the bets that way - their prices are generally the best too!

Q. Will every selection win?

Although this is our aim it is very unrealistic, our selections are not certain to win but are given out in belief that we think they will win - however, for the more cautious punters you will notice once you've joined a large percentage of our tips hit the frame too - meaning even more winnings if you prefer to also play in the place market.

Q Do you provide on-going help?

Yes, of course. We pride ourselves on our brilliant customer service and we will always do our best to respond to any questions you have regarding any of our services, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

Q. How do you calculate your example profits?

The profits we show and publish are at level stakes (win and place), but are also shown using our simple 3pts, 4pts & 5pts staking plans.

Q. What time are the selections available?

The selections will be available whenever we have finished analysing that days racing and have selected the best horses for you. The information will always be with you by 10am, but like we keep saying most of the time our experts will be assessing races the day before and, therefore, your email will be sent the night before - so you have enough time to be able to place your bets.

Q. How long will it take for me to place my bets every day?

If you have internet or telephone accounts with bookmakers then it should take just a few minutes at most - this is a selective service, so we won't bombard you with selections that take all day to place..

Q. Does Bettel place money on my behalf?

No. It is solely up to you to place the bet so you can decide where, when and how much you stake.

Q. What if I decide that Bettel is not for me?

If for any reason you decide you want to stop tips from Bettel you can cancel at anytime, by stopping your monthly subscription or simply giving us a call. You will then automatically be taken off the list and no more selections will be sent to you.

Q. What should I do if I have any more questions?

If you have any more questions regarding anything to do with Bettel please don't hesitate to contact us via either live chat, email or phone on 0843 353 1331* 

* Please note the cost of calling this number is 5p per minute plus your network provider's access charge