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Affiliate banners

Standard banners

How to add these banners to your website

  1. Save the banner image to your computer
  2. Upload the image to your web host (e.g. using FTP). Rename the file if necessary.
  3. Add the relevant 'img' HTML tag into the HTML source of your page
  4. Next add an 'a' HTML tag to the source, using the img tag entered previously as the text and the href attribute must be set to the following:

    <a href=''

    where n is your affiliate ID

    e.g. if your affiliate ID is 123, the code might be:

    <a href=''><img src='/images/bettel-468x60.jpg' border='0' alt='Bettel' /></a>

468 x 60
468 x 60
468 x 60
468 x 60 (animated GIF)

Flash banners

  1. Click the "View code for this banner" link below the relevant banner, copy the HTML code in the pop-up box, and then paste the HTML into the source of your web page.
    Please note the text in red - in order for the banner to work,
    the "xxx" must be replaced with your affiliate ID.

468 x 60
View code for this banner

728 x 90
View code for this banner